Tri-state To Experience Coldest Night of the Season

You can pull your hood up, put your hat on, and keep your head down out here but no matter how hard you try it's hard to stay warm when temperature sink to zero degrees.  
     So imagine what frigid temperatures are like for folk who don't have home to run to.

"'s like a horror film cause you don't believe you're there," said James Casey, a Cincinnati homeless man. 

Brutal cold became a real life tragedy on Christmas Eve for Joe Young.  The homeless Vietnam Veteran was found frozen in the snow under a viaduct in Covington.  
Joe Knight from Cincinnati's Drop-Inn Center ... knows how crucial the center's role can be.

"Our policy here is we don't turn people no matter how crowded we get there's always room for another," said Knight. 
     Meanwhile for those of you who have a warm home, the cost to keep it warm could be your biggest worry.

Tips from Cinergy to keep your heating bill down: 
Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. 
Keep your blinds open during the day when the sun is out. 
Keep them closed at block any drafts.  
Seal air leaks around your doors. 
Make sure the filter in your home is changed once a month.  
Keep your thermostat as low as is comfortable.

That'll keep costs down on your end, and you'll be happy to hear Cinergy say it's costs should stay down too.

"We have plenty of natural gas available to us so supply should not be an issue,"  said Kathy Meinke, a spokesperson for Cinergy.