Hip-Hop's 50 Cent Wants A Charger

Hip-hop's 50 Cent makes pitch to get 2006 Charger

It appears rapper 50 Cent gets what he wants. DaimlerChrysler says it's rushing production on its 2006 Dodge Charger to make sure the hip-hop star gets the first one. The update of the classic muscle car doesn't go on sale until the spring but 50 Cent says he can't wait that long. The Detroit News reports he told an industry magazine that, "I need to know what I gotta do to get that Dodge Charger first."

The same situation played out last year when the automaker made a special delivery of its Chrysler 300 for rapper Snoop Dogg.

The company says the connections are "worth more money than any advertising you could do in the marketplace."