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8-year-old rants to newspaper for cutting Sunday comics

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An 8-year-old was angered to discover the local newspaper dropped his favorite Sunday comics, so he left a now-viral voicemail rant to the paper's editor.

“I want these comics back now!” the unidentified 8-year-old demands to Herald-Times editor Bob Zalsberg.

The boy pledged he'd give the paper his life savings in return for his beloved Garfield, Dilbert and Peanuts comics. Before hanging up, the kid ended his rant with insult: “Idiots, jerks, Sh**holes,” he says.

The Herald-Times' 13- color comic strip lineup changed because of a pricing disagreement with one of their providers, the paper claims.

Paper staff said they expected outcry from the changes and Zalsberg returned the young reader's phone call.

“He was still pretty mad when I talked with him this morning, but he was relieved to hear he'd still be able to read Frank & Ernest six times a week,” Zalsberg wrote.

Listen to the entire message below or here if you're on a mobile device. (Warning: Contains profanity)

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