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CPD bullet strikes car, owner fights for damages

EAST PRICE HILL (FOX19) - A bullet hole, a shattered back window and no money to pay for the damages. This isn't the work of criminals. This is what one woman said she is left with courtesy of the Cincinnati Police Department.

Tara Hyden said she parked Sunday night on Fairbanks Road just across from her apartment like she always does, but she never expected it would be in the line of fire during an officer involved shooting.

Officers fired 11 shots at Christian Jackson, a robbery suspect holding a shotgun early Monday morning. While two of those bullets struck him, a third one struck Tara Hyden's car instead.

"I was like at least they'll pay for it because they are the ones who shot it,” said Hyden.

It turns out they may not at least not right now. Hyden said while the city is telling her she can file a damage claim, it means she will have to take go through her insurance first.

Then submit all the costs incurred and if the city finds her claim to be valid, she may be reimbursed. It is a process the city told Hyden will take months. Until then, Hyden is left to pay for hundreds of dollars in damages.

"I don't have 500 dollars to pay. That's why I don't get speeding tickets. I avoid all of that because I don't want to put out money that I don't have to,” said Hyden.

For now only a garbage bag will protect Hyden's car from the weather and potential thieves. It is a problem she said should have never been hers in the first place.

"I wasn't involved in any of this. My car was just parked on the street. I don't understand how it's my responsibility to pay for their actions,” said Hyden.

Cincinnati Police say the Solicitor's Office handles claims like Hyden's. The city says in cases like these the city is liable only for the payment of your insurance deductible and any other damage expense not covered by your insurance policy.

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