Avondale Man Acquitted For Walking Alligator

An Avondale man was apparently doing nothing wrong when he walked his pet alligator around the neighborhood on a leash. That was the ruling Tuesday from Hamilton County Judge John Berlew.

Berlew found Anthony Timble not guilty of possessing a vicious animal. Berlew says he wasn't shown enough evidence to prove Timble's alligator was vicious.

Expert Mike Dulaney tells Fox 19 that all alligators, big and small, operate on basic instinct. He says they don't think much or feel much emotion and when they're hungry, they snap.

"These animals are ambush hunters, meat eaters. They seek out their prey and it's all over," says Dulaney.

Timble's defense attorney, Jonathan Sinclair, admits the judge's decision may have been different if someone like Dulaney was brought in by prosecutors.

"It was small, and for that reason, not dangerous at this point in time," says Sinclair.

Timble asked the judge about getting his alligator back. The judge said it's out of his hands. But Timble's attorney says he's suggesting his client donate the reptile to the zoo.