Elderly Man Pulled From River Praises Deputy

An elderly man was pulled from the partially frozen Ohio River around 9:00 Tuesday night. Firefighters estimate he was trapped for about 40 minutes after driving into the high waters near Riverbend.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputy Brian Hayes swam through chunks of ice on Kellogg Avenue to rescue 82-year-old Milburn "Mel" Hines and then held him above water until the dive team arrived.

Hines says he can't thank Deputy Hayes enough. "I got nothin' but praise for the man," says Hines, "He wasn't gonna leave, he was determined to stay there and make sure I was all right until help got there."

Hines was treated for hypothermia. He's now recovering at home. He says it took about eight to ten hours to get full feeling back in his feet and fingers.