Inaugural Events Ramp Up

Inaugural events ramp up

President Bush is heading into a full day and evening of events leading up to his inauguration tomorrow for a second term. The public highlight is an event behind the White House this evening called "A Celebration of Freedom" on the Ellipse, complete with fireworks and performances by The Temptations and Gatlin Brothers.

Later, the president will hob nob at three lavish candlelight dinners for well-heeled donors who gave at least 100-thousand dollars to his re-election campaign. Capping it all off will be the "Black Tie and Boots Ball" -- the first of the week's inaugural galas. This one is a victory celebration for Bush's fellow Texans.

In a speech at a Washington gala last night for thousands of military personnel and supporters, Bush said a presidential inauguration "is a testament to the power of democracy."