Cincinnati Crime Rates: The Ups & Downs

The 2004 Cincinnati Police neighborhood crime statistics are out and some areas are faring better than others. A large group of major crimes were analyzed and the safest neighborhoods statistically are Linwood and California. The highest risk: the Downtown Business District/Riverfront Area and Westwood. In the Over The Rhine and Pendleton areas residents and police are working everyday to lower the risk. Cincinnati Police Lieutenant Kurt Byrd tells FOX 19, "It takes a cooperative effort. Us and the neighborhoods working together to do our best to prevent crime or when a crime occurs make an arrest for that crime." The cincinnati police department shared their 2004 crime statistics with city councilmembers Wednesday. Murder, rape, auto theft, and 4 other crimes are indentified as part one crimes. Comparing 2003 to 2004 those incidents are down almost 4%. Violent crimes in the city went up nearly 6%. Rapes are up 10% and murders are down 10%. Marvin Butts a Pendleton business owner tells FOX 19, "Just be fair. That's all I'm asking. The police are asking for my help now I want theirs." If you want to see how your neighborhood's crime stats stack up look for a link under the Tri-State Stories heading on this website.