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Psychotherapist gives insight on how Cornell was recruited


It's well known how Christopher Cornell wound up in the Boone County jail, but what baffles many people including family and friends is how mild mannered Cornell became Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah the jihadist.

“They're often drifting. They have no status, they have no power and all of the sudden they hear about something like ISIS and that appeals to them,” said Dr. Walter Smitson with the Central Clinic.

Dr. Smitson adds groups like ISIS are attractive to young men and women who don't have direction in life.

“All my brothers living in the west I know how you feel in the heart you feel depressed. The cure for depression is Jihad,” said an ISIS recruitment video.

Dr. Smitson said the attraction can be powerful. “The possibility of belonging to a powerful group, the possibility of gaining fame and the possibility of being supported emotionally and being praised for what they do,” said Dr. Smitson.

Throughout FOX19 NOW's exclusive interview Cornell said that he's just a regular Muslim. If it wasn't ISIS could Cornell have become attracted to another group bent on violence and destruction?

“Keep in mind that all through history there have been men who want to be martyrs and men who are willing to give up their lives to gain fame that they never could gain in their normal lives,” said Dr. Smitson.

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