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Potholes keep growing, city works to fix winter weather problems

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Ben Katko)

The brutal weather has caught the attention of Cincinnati city leaders.
They're working to figure out ways to deal with a growing pothole problem, and how to pay for the wrath of Mother Nature.
"I don't want to pop a tire and ruin my car,” said Hayden Fath, a UC student from Columbus.
That's a headache no one wants, but the reality is, potholes are popping up everywhere as we move from the winter months to the spring
"It's been pretty rough after the winter especially now that the snow has melted.  Just big potholes, playing frogger, dodging them left
and right,” said Michael Rickel, a UC student from Cleveland.
The car-swallowing holes are no laughing matter to city leaders.  On Wednesday at the Cincinnati City Council meeting, a conversation
over the city's road issues is near the top of the council agenda.
To read the council agenda in full, click here: 

"They should work on them as much as they can, try to fill them as fast as possible,” said Rickel.
The agenda item was added to tomorrow's council rundown by councilmember Chris Smitherman. 
The text of that agenda item reads: “COMMUNICATION, dated 3/5/2015 submitted by ECONOMIC GROWTH & Councilmember Smitherman, from Jeffrey S. Karpe, INFRASTRUCTURE concerning potholes and deplorable road COMMITTEE conditions around the Cincinnati area.”

"I've had problems.  I've hit potholes, flat tires.  It knocks the air out of the side,” said Rickel.
A city spokesperson told FOX19 NOW, that agenda item will likely go to a city council committee to figure out a way to patch the problems. 
"Fill them up.  Just get them fixed.  It's kind of dangerous,” said Fath.
Also on Wednesday's agenda is an emergency ordinance from City Manager Harry Black.  In it, a plan to move $1.4 million that was set aside
in a weather reserve account that would help cover the city's cost of response to winter weather, a city spokesperson said.

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