Snow Blankets Cincinnati

Snow blanketed the tri-state area Thursday, causing chaos on roadways. Near the University of Cinicnnati, cars skidded slowly through the intersection of Euclid and Corry, losing traction on the fresh, wet snow. Four cars plowed into each other on a nearby hill, unable to keep from sliding into each other. In Colerain Township, a charter bus hit a car and slid right off an on-ramp at Kemper Road, sending one person to the hospital with injuries. In spite of havoc on the roadways, the snow was a welcome sight to many, turning ordinary chores into play. We found a pair of twelve-year-old twins shoveling sidewalks and driveways in their neighborhood just for fun. The good Samaritans cleared a path to Christina's Hair and Nail Design in Colerain Township, where only the most loyal customers braved the storm to get their beauty treatments.