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Ohio bill would keep truckers out of left lane

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Move over big rigs! That's what some Ohio lawmakers are saying about a proposed bill to keep truckers out of the left lane.
Some Ohio lawmakers say when trucks are in the left lane, it slows down traffic and it's more dangerous for everyone.  Many feel it's time Ohio, with the fourth largest interstate system, to join the 44 other states with similar legislation.
"They have no reason to be in that left lane," said John Spitzack.
"We're out there just trying to make a living and we have to try and keep a schedule," said semi-truck driver Glenn Sutter.
"If they (semi-trucks) are in the left lane, we're in trouble, because if they cut over on you, it's over," said Cincinnati native James Vaughn.
Ohio House bill 100 would restrict trucks more than 10,000 pounds from driving in the left lane whenever there's three or more lanes headed
in the same direction. Many drivers agree this is something that's long overdue.
"You can just watch this interstate right here and there will be 3, 4 wide and it backs up traffic for miles," said Spitzack.

There are some exceptions. Trucks would be allowed on the far left when passing, if an obstruction exists, or if they're directed
by traffic or police.
"We're slower vehicles and we stay over the right hand lane but sometimes we have to get over because somebody is slower than us," said
Curtis Turner, who is a trucker.

Sutter believes most truckers prefer the right lanes.
"Unless they're forced out there, most of us never try and go in the left lane anyway," said Glenn Sutter.
A trucker who breaks the law would be hit with a minor misdemeanor and a fine of up to $150, with stiffer penalties for further offenses.
But Sutter says if this passes, cars should be banned from the right lane.
"If you're going to have a left lane restriction for trucks there should be a lane restriction for cars too so we have something to run
in," said Sutter.
Representative Marilyn Slaby is sponsoring the bill and said it's important for continuity because each of the five states surrounding
Ohio have already passed similar legislation.
"If they're over in the right lane, then I don't worry as much because I'm in the left lane. I've got time to move in, maneuver around
them and go on, but if they're over in the left hand lane, you in trouble," said Vaughn.
This bill was introduced last session but it failed. Lawmakers will have another chance when it's introduced to the Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

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