Beer Vendor Sued

Verdict in alcohol liability case could send wakeup call

What's being called the largest alcohol liability award in the US in at least 25 years could be a wake-up call to sports teams and their vendors. Earlier this week, a jury in New Jersey awarded 135 million dollars to the family of a girl who was paralyzed in a car wreck caused by a drunken football fan. The fan and the concessionaire at Giants Stadium who sold him the beers he drank have been ordered to pay a total of 60  million dollars in compensatory damages. The concessionaire, Aramark, will have to pay another 75 million in punitive damages. The director of a nonprofit group that advises pro sports leagues says stadium workers should know that their job involves more than just handing someone a beer. She says vendors must provide a safe experience for everyone at the ballpark. The NFL hasn't commented on the verdict.