Student says she wore down her abductors with her chatter

A college student who says she was abducted from an Athens street believes she saved her own life by wearing down her kidnappers with her constant chatter. Kristen Wisler, a Bowling Green State University student, was in Athens visiting a friend at Ohio University Sunday night when she says two men grabbed her, threw her in a car and drove her to neighboring Morgan County. As they held her in a mobile home, the 22-year-old Wisler says she talked constantly about freeing her, promising not to say anything. She says -- quoting here -- "I think I was annoying them a lot." Wisler says she was afraid she was going to be sexually assaulted, but that didn't happen. One of her abductors asked if she'd shut up if they let her go. Early Monday, they drove her back to Athens, where a deputy sheriff on the lookout for their car arrested the men. Authorities had been alerted by someone who witnessed the abduction. Police charged Scott Stevens of Columbus and Robert Norris of Zanesville with kidnapping and robbery.