City Prepares for Round Two

As the rest of us stock up on milk and bread, Cincinnati work crews are preparing for another round of storms, hoping this time goes better than Holiday Storm 2004.

Diane Watkins with the Department of Public Services says her crews have been preparing for the Thursday and Friday night storms since Tuesday. By late Friday night their goal was to have cleared all the city roads of Thursday's snow and pre-treat the main streets in anticipation of the forecasted ice storm late Friday.

"We kind of have to wait and see how the storm actually comes in to know what's going to happen," Watkins says. If there's a lot of ice, she says, clearing roads will be much tougher.

Delta Airlines is ready for a lot of ice. During last month's storm, the airline used three weeks worth of de-icing fluid in one day. Replacement trucks couldn't get to the airport the next day and hundreds of flights were cancelled.

So Friday, Delta shipped in an extra amount of the fluid. They now have about 60,000 gallons, which is twice what they had for the last storm. The airline also plans on additional staffing this weekend to get the planes ready.