Cleves Police Chief Asked To Quit

A majority of the Cleves Police Department employees are calling for the resignation of their chief, Colonel Mark Demeropolis. Demeropolis has been on the job in Cleves about a year and a half but 11 officers who signed a petition this week want him out. The group sites administrative errors and lack of qualifications for their position. Cleves' Mayor Danny Stacy says early next week he will meet with all of those who have a concern. Stacy tells FOX 19, "If there's something that's there that I don't know about I do need to know about it. The disappointing piece of this is that I haven't been given the opportunity to do my job." Mayor Stacy says so far he's been given no proof of any problems with the chief. FOX 19 will be following up on this story after the two sides have had a chance to meet.