Men Recognized and Arrested

Police say the two men who ransacked a Tri-State high school Monday in front of several security cameras, were getting mug shot pictures taken Tuesday.

Police arrested 25-year-olds Christopher Stegemiller and Eric Freise. The Dearborn County Sheriff's Department says the two not only broke into East Central High School, but committed other crimes too. They were charged Tuesday in connection to a break-in at Oasis Fast Lube in Harrison. Jeremy Schallick, a manager there, says about $3,000 in cash and wheels were taken.

"Justice is served and I'm glad," Schallick says. "People don't need to be acting like that."

Investigators found Stegemiller and Freise with the help of someone who knew them. Police say the pair spent three hours stealing from the school, then immediately stopped at a gas station just down the road. The worker behind the counter knows both men, and when she saw the surveillance video of the break-in later that day, she recognized their faces and their clothes. Police expect Stegemiller and Freise will be charged in the school break-in Wednesday.

Security cameras picked up the whole thing Monday. From two men wandering around the middle school, to them crawling under a fence to get into East Central High, to them carrying off DVD players and camcorders.

The men first show up on the cameras just after 2 in the morning. Police say for three hours they ransacked the schools, targeting offices and vending machines for money, and the audio/visual room for electronics. Police say they got away with about $500 in cash and $3,000 in equipment.