Roe v. Wade Anniversary Services In Tri-State

The 32nd anniversary of the decision that allowed states to perform abortions was actually Saturday, but Right to Life protestors and marchers chose to wait until Monday to commemorate the event, because they knew legislators would be in Washington.

Those who couldn't make it to the Right to Life march in Washington D.C. went to downtown Cincinnati's Cathedral of St Peter in Chains. The memorial mass officiated by Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk was a somber end to the 32nd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision.

In Washington, President Bush offered his pro-life support on the phone from Camp David. Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot spoke in person.. Chabot says he's proud to take a stand for the Right to Life organization that was founded in Cincinnati. Chabot says, "Those innocent, helpless little babies can not fight for themselves so we must defend them from those who see them as a burden."

There are millions of people in America who disagree with that description of what the Roe v. Wade ruling is about, including local Planned Parenthood CEO, Sue Momeyer. Momeyer says, "when Roe v. Wade was passed part of the impetus was that women were dying or maimed from the effects of illegal abortion so from a women's health point of view it's tremendously important."

There are those in Washington who think the three decades old Supreme Court decision could be in jeopardy if President Bush has to replace one or two justices during the next four years. Those replacements could be forced due to retirement or death.