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Kayakers rescued from Ohio River near Newport

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Chris Lower) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Chris Lower)

Two men were rescued from the Ohio River after one of their kayaks became tangled in cables near the Hooters in Newport.

According to officials, one the kayakers, Johnny Jackson from Walton, KY, became tangled in the cables flipping his kayak. Jackson held on to the cables before being swept to the Purple People Bridge where he was able to grasp on to the bridge.

The second kayaker, Sean Labarge from Taylor Mill, KY, attempted to turn around and help the victim but was unable to fight the current.

“I heard (Jackson) start screaming for me and I looked back he was holding on to the cable and the current was too strong so I couldn't make it back," said Larbarge. "I kept drifting so he told me to grab his kayak which I was unable to do.”

Paramedics were able to successfully rescue the two men. Jackson suffered from hypothermia and was transported to an area hospital. Labarge did not suffer any significant injuries.

Public safety officials urge residents to avoid recreational activities in flooded areas.

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