Groundhawg's Day

Lexington, North Carolina, to pull in pig for weather duty

Officials in Lexington, North Carolina, are putting the "hog" in Groundhog Day. A 65-pound pot-bellied pig named "Lil Bit" will take on the challenge of forecasting the weather when the city celebrates "Groundhawg's Day" on February second. "Lil Bit" will look for her shadow to help decide how soon North Carolina will see spring. Lexington is famous for its pigs, usually in the form of pork barbecue soaked in a tomato-based sauce. Mayor Pro-tem Larry Beck will lead the celebration, and local group "Whistlepig" will perform a Groundhawg Day jingle.

The celebration will conclude with the release of two-thousand-five pink balloons, each with information about the event and asking people who find the balloons to call Uptown Lexington.