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Anorexia photo goes viral as weight loss


When you post photos online, you can assume they may be shared or reposted on other sites but one Deer Park woman's photo has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

"I was 150 pounds and then I went down to 70,” said Anne Marie Sengillo describing personal photos she posted in an online album documenting her personal journey through anorexia.

For two years, she has battled the deadly eating disorder and is now in recovery but said at her worst the worry of food consumption consumed her life.

"I was working out four to five hours a day. Maybe five to 800 calories a day to get that way and it's just not attainable. It's not healthy. It's not what you should strive to be,” said Sengillo.

Sengillo began posting the before and after photos online in an effort to inspire others who may be struggling with eating disorders. Instead, the very photo that she intended to depict her pain was celebrated by a photo entertainment website known as The Chive. Sengillo said a friend told her that her pictures had popped up on the popular website under an “amazing weight loss” storyline.

"They just posted me before my eating disorder and then I was in the height of my eating disorder and it was like "inspirational weight loss stories and it just like someone punched me in the stomach,” said Sengillo. "They were taking that sickly image and saying this is great look we should aspire to that and it just hurt. It hurt me a lot."

That is when Sengillo took to her keyboard fighting back. Within hours, The Chive posted an apology calling Sengillo a strong woman explaining the post was a mistake, completely unintentional and the photo was removed.

"I do respect them for apologizing. It just takes a really big person to admit that they made a mistake and then post it on such a popular website and to openly say we messed up. I really appreciate that,” said Sengillo."I just think that if you are going to post a picture online of somebody else, you really should know the full story."

Sengillo says this is the first time she has openly discussed her eating disorder but hopes her struggle will inspire others to seek treatment. You can see more of her journey here.

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