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Xavier superfan surprised with Sweet Sixteen trip to Los Angeles

(PHOTO: Provided) (PHOTO: Provided)

Xavier makes their fifth appearance in the sweet sixteen in the last eight years.

One of the Musketeers' biggest fans has been on the journey of a lifetime to cheer on the basketball team throughout this postseason.

The chicken hat, sunglasses and paint splattered shorts. It's the go-to outfit for one Xavier senior. He said it's something else that makes him stick out.

"I'm known mostly for the red hair," said Michael McCullough, a Xavier senior.

For the last two weeks, McCullough has traveled the country to see his team play live. It started with a trip to New York City for the Big East Tournament.

Next, McCullough and his friends waited for the NCAA tournament field of 68 to be unveiled.

"We were hoping it was going to be in Columbus or Louisville but we got Jacksonville so we're thinking okay 12 hours," said McCullough.

So the guys hit the road and 800 miles later arrived in Florida to watch Xavier win their first two games. With the help of his buddies, the Stainbrook brothers, he found a place to crash.

"Try to get in on their floor or find an extra bed," said McCullough.

After the final win against Georgia State in Jacksonville, they'd already checked out of their hotel, and McCullough was stuck covered in what he wore to the game.

"I was in the back of the car shedding blue paint all over the place and finally found a place that I was able to pay and get a shower and finally get the blue off of me," said McCullough.

Then, the Musketeers learned their next round of games would be in L.A. McCullough said a trip to California started as a joke.

"Honestly I was telling my friend who's in the band that I could try and play the triangle or cymbals or something if you guys can get me out there," said McCullough.

But McCullough's family decided to set up a GoFundMe account, and with more help from friends and even players on the team, the account reached the goal of $1,000 in just 18 hours.

"Everybody that's involved have been great supporters," said McCullough.

McCullough says he's extremely thankful, but he plans on having some extra money and he's going to donate the rest of it to Lauren Hill's foundation "The Cure Starts Now".

"I've been really inspired. Her as a college basketball player and what she's done so why not try to give whatever is left to something that could really use the money," said McCullough.

If the Muskies do win their next two games and make it to the Final Four, McCullough will only have to drive about an hour and a half to get to those games in Indianapolis. He already said he would definitely make that trip.

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