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Police identify retired Forest Park officer as 63-year-old George Brooks who was critically injured leading a funeral procession Saturday.

A retired Forest Park Police officer is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle while leading a funeral procession on a motorcycle.

The incident happened at around 1:30 p.m. on West Liberty Street near the intersection of Linn Streets. A funeral procession was leaving from St. Mary's church in Over-The-Rhine and was heading to Spring Grove Cemetery. 

Witnesses on scene say a car was going southbound turning onto Lockhurst Lane when he hit the officer on his motorcycle. Witnesses say the officer flew off the motorcycle and hit the windshield of the car.

According to witnesses, several people honked to try to get the driver's attention.

West Liberty Street was blocked off from Linn Street to Winchell Avenue for about two hours. According to police the driver could face charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the outcome of the investigation.

The driver or the victim have not been identified. 

Police say it is against the law to interfere with a funeral procession.

Another accident occurred two blocks east at West Liberty Street and John Street about two minutes prior to the retired officer being hit. The driver of the final car in the funeral procession says he was rear-ended. No injuries were reported.

According to Ohio Revised Code 4511.451, drivers "shall yield the right of way to each vehicle that is a part of a funeral procession."  "Once the lead vehicle in a funeral procession lawfully enters an intersection, the remainder of the vehicles in the procession may continue to follow the lead vehicle through the intersection not withstanding any traffic control devices or right of way provisions." Each car should exercise due care to avoid colliding with any other vehicle or pedestrian. 

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