Hamilton Snow Clean-up Fallout

The City of Hamilton is considering disciplinary action against one of its employees. Last month while the snow was piling up in streets there, the mayor says one man took home a snow plow while taxpayers remained trapped in their homes. The mayor also tells Fox 19 the man confessed during an investigation.

Around Christmas time, more than a foot of snow fell in the city, and roads were impassable. Hamilton police are investigating why the roads went untreated. The city has already fired one person and suspended two others. One of the men who was suspended may have added insult to injury, using taxpayer equipment. Instead of clearing the streets in Hamilton, Gas & Water supervisor Mike Heuer allegedly took a Hamilton snowplow home to Fairfield Township, and plowed his own street.

People living in the area are fed up. Hamilton resident Steve Johnson tells Fox 19, "I guess it doesn't make me to happy to know that equipment's going somewhere else when it should be here taking care of the people who pay for the taxes."

Mike Heuer did not return our phone calls. Hamilton police will share the results of their investigation with City Council on February 9th.