Baby Beaten, Clinging to Life

A Union Township baby is clinging to life at Children's Hospital and his caretaker is in jail.

23-year-old Adam Richards is facing three felony counts of child endangerment, but police say that doesn't really describe what he did. Police say he beat a 5-month-old boy so badly, the infant has several skull fractures and blood on his brain. Right now Dillon Richards is fighting for his life.

Adam Richards and Dillon have the same last name, but police say they are not related. Adam Richards is dating Dillon's mother and all three lived together in a Union Township apartment. Richards was supposed to be taking care of Dillon while she was at work. But police say he was actually hurting him.

Police say Richards has admitted to slamming Dillon against his crib, holding his ankles and swinging him into a bed, and slamming his head into the mattress. They say the abuse may have been going on for weeks.

Doctors say Dillon's injuries are consistent with a pattern of abuse. He is in critical condition and the next few days could determine whether or not he makes it. Police say his mother is cooperating with their investigation and more charges could be filed.