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Crews rescue man pinned 12 feet deep in trench

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VEVAY, IN (FOX19) - Crews from 22 different agencies and 85 responders rescued a construction worker who was pinned in a trench approximately 12 feet underground Wednesday.

Emergency crews received a call of a construction accident on Greeley Ave. near East Pike Street around 2:35 p.m. in Vevay, Indiana.

“They work in trenches all the time and there was a slip and it covered him up,” said Jeff-Craig Fire & Rescue Chief Chris See.

Chief Eric Seibel of the Northern Kentucky Technical Rescue team said they arrived within an hour of the call from Indiana. They were the only team in the area specifically trained and available to handle this kind of emergency.

"He was talking to the rescuers the entire time,” said Seibel. "It's not like moving loose sand off the body. You physically have to dig the packed dirt off of the individual.”

Chief Seibel said the construction worker was stuck in a 12 foot trench covered in dirt from the chest down and unable to move. One by one rescuers squeezed their way into the 2.5 foot space and dug the construction worker out by hand using 5-gallon buckets and a vacuum truck. Meanwhile, EMS tried to keep the worker warm with blankets.

"A lot of times trenches, just because of the nature of what you are dealing with, the severity, they don't turn out very well so the fact that we were able to successfully pull him out and rescue him, I'm very pleased,” said Chief Seibel.

The victim was flown via AirCare to a Louisville-area hospital and is expected to recover.

No word on what caused the accident.

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