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After day of mourning, CFD returns to work

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Lisa Hutson) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Lisa Hutson)

While the Cincinnati Fire Department paid their respects to Daryl Gordon, nearly 200 local and Columbus firefighters took their place at firehouses all over the city.

Fill-in firefighters ran on 94 calls, a fairly average day for the city according to the Cincinnati Fire Department.

Delhi Township firefighters covered Engine 50 in Saylor Park. Lt. Andy Ihle said it was an adjustment working in a different community.

“One of the guys stayed back with us to show us around Saylor Park here,” said Lt. Ihle."It's nice to know little things about the area that you are running in. Both lieutenants kind of briefed me on different things, little quirks about the area."

127 firefighters came from the Columbus Fire Department and covered 19 firehouses in the city. Many of them were working on their day off.

"We had so many volunteers we had to turn some guys down to come down here,” said Lt. Shawn Farley.

At Heavy Rescue 14, Daryl Gordon's firehouse, the Cincinnati firefighters who chose to stay watched Gordon's funeral on television. During the gravesite service, Gordon's final came over the intercom.

"This is the final alarm for Cincinnati Fire Department Fire Apparatus Operator Daryl Gordon. 6020 Dalton Street, King Tower Apartments,” said the dispatcher.

There was a brief moment without words and moments later firefighters went back to work. Immediately following the funeral, many of the Cincinnati firefighters that attended returned to their fire stations to relieve the 200 fill-ins.

"Words cannot express the feelings that we have for our brothers coming down from Columbus and the area Cincinnati departments coming in and helping us out,” said Cincinnati fireman Scott Irwin.

"The emergencies don't go away. It doesn't matter what we are doing or what somebody else is doing. We still have to go on those calls,” said Ihle.

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