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Massive pot hole damages vehicles on I-71

Hub caps along I-71 Friday morning. (FOX19) Hub caps along I-71 Friday morning. (FOX19)
The patched-up pot hole. (FOX19) The patched-up pot hole. (FOX19)

A massive pot hole damaged at least eight vehicles on Interstate 71 near McGregor Road Friday morning.

Hub caps could be seen scattered all over the interstate shoulder in Walnut Hills. Work crews had the pot hole patched up by 11 a.m.

Drivers can receive a payout if their vehicle sustains damage from a pot hole.

To get paid for damage, drivers have to file a claim and prove negligence on the part of the city or state.

To file a claim for damage on a state road like an interstate or state route, there's an online form. In Ohio, you must also pay $25 to file the claim. In Cincinnati, you call a hotline to report the damage. That number is 513-591-6000.

The city or state must have received notice of the pothole and neglected to fix it within a certain period of time. In Ohio, the standard is what they call a "reasonable" amount of time. In Kentucky, it's three days.

Cincinnati, Public Services must be aware of a pothole problem for at least 12 days before the city will pay out a claim.

Since 2011, the city of Cincinnati has paid out 15 percent of the claims received. In Ohio, the number of claims paid is 30 percent, but that includes all claims, not just potholes. And in Kentucky, the Board of Claims breaks it down by county. Claims filed in Boone County from 1981-2011 are paid out at a rate of 21 percent. In Campbell County, that percentage is 12 percent. In Kenton County, 8.7 percent of claims have been paid.

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