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Police arrest man accused in eight burglaries in Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout area


Cincinnati police arrested a man who is accused in at least eight aggravated burglaries since Feb. 16.

Police say Paul Held, 32, burglarized homes in the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Mount Lookout and Columbia-Tusculum. The people he allegedly stole from live on Grandin Avenue, Linwood Avenue, Courtland Avenue, Belvedere Street, Pinehurst Lane, Rookwood Avenue and Monteith Avenue. 

Cincinnati police Det. Victoria Wysel says Held used his friendships with the victims to get into their homes. 

“A lot of times he's stolen house keys out of purses. He's known where people kept like if they had a hide-a-key by their front door, he knew where they kept the hide-a-key and he would sneak in and take one or two items here or there so they didn't necessarily realize they'd been burglarized,” Wysel said.

During a search of Held's home in the 600 block of Delta Ave Wysel says police found plenty of evidence of the thefts. 

“We recovered about 11 purses out of his house and, I think, another four purses out of his car. He took a lot of expensive purses. He took a lot of Apple products, iPhones, iPads things like that. He took a lot of jewelry including some very high-end $10,000 watches,” Wysel said. 

Wysel says Held also helped himself to any cash lying around the victim's homes and there's evidence he sold the stolen goods on the internet.

“We believe he sold some of it on Craig's List. We also have found some jewelry stores that he sold items to,” Wysel said.

Held has a criminal past. He was sent to prison for three years on a burglary conviction. 

Wysel says his latest crime spree was interrupted when police stopped him last Saturday for erratic driving and asked him for identification. 

“He pulled out several credit cards that did not belong to him. Further investigation was done, his car was searched and they found items that had been stolen in a burglary earlier that morning,” Wysel said.

Held is in Hamilton County Jail on a $175,000 bond and is being charged with nine counts of receiving stolen property. 

Cincinnati police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been the victim of Held to give them a call at 513-979-4400 and/or go by District Two to see if your stolen property is there.

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