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Walnut Hills residents urged to stand up against violence

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A community gathered on Tuesday in Walnut Hills following the shooting of three teens who were attending a 'Sweet 16' birthday party at the Melrose Family YMCA.

That gathering was held on the heels of a vigil for 17- year-old Kelsie Crow who was killed in the crossfire.

Community leaders, like the Reverend Pete Mingo, said their message is simple. It's time to end the violence.

“We have to come out and support each other as a group because if they come for you today and you tomorrow and you next week. If I don't stand up for you who is going to be there when they come for me,“ said Mingo.

Mingo called the death of Kelsie Crow senseless. She died following Saturday night's shooting rampage.

“I know some of her really close friends were just devastated to hear about it. I still can't believe it happened and I probably won't be able to get over it for a long time. She was a really good person,” said Crow's classmate, Cameron Arrasmith.

Two other teens were wounded in the shooting, including 17 year-old Leontre Edwards, who was shot once before in December during a drive-by. Leontre's mother, Shawna Weathington, said her son was supposed to be just hanging out with friends.

“He said shots just started firing. Everybody was running everywhere and I guess it caught him in the arm,” said Weatherington.

Many of those attending the rally are tired of running from the violence and said it's time to take our neighborhoods back.

Peggy Harris' son was murdered in 2007 and the gunman has yet to be found.

“Just speak out I'm just urging people with information just speak out. Let's end this madness,” said Harris.”

District 4 police commander, Capt. Maris Harold said help from the community is what investigators are looking for.

“I think as this goes on we're going to get more cooperation and that's usually what breaks these cases is somebody will come forward with some really good information,” said Harold.

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