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NKU Professor: Rand Paul long shot at best


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced Tuesday that he's running for President, joining Texas Senator Ted Cruz as the first republicans to throw their hats in the ring. Given that the GOP is expected to offer a crowded field of candidates the question is can Rand Paul stand alone?

"I am putting myself forward as a candidate for President of the United States," Paul declared in Louisville.

The Tea Party supporter, and the face of the libertarian movement within the Republican Party, Paul's political career has been brief but meteoric. Can Rand Paul do on his first try what his dad failed to do three times?

Dr. Ryan Salzman, Associate Professor of Political Science at Northern Kentucky University said Paul has his work cut out for him.

"There's going to be a lot of candidates. There are planning to be a lot of candidates. Can he separate himself from the field, can he become a household name in time to make a go at it," said Salzman.

Today in Louisville Paul made his intentions clear: "This message of liberty is for all Americans. Americans from all walks of life. The message of liberty, of opportunity, and justice is for all Americans."

The cornerstone of Paul's campaign is to end what he calls “The Washington Machine.” Paul blamed democrats and republicans for the skyrocketing budget deficit and he's no stranger to conflict within his own party. He's spoken out against “Common Core,” and has strongly opposed NSA surveillance practices. Paul has been an advocate for reducing prison terms for drug offenders and he's in favor of medical marijuana.

All of which makes him a long shot for his party's nomination.

"If I'm a betting man, I'm not putting money on him, his numbers are about the same as Rick Perry. Jeb Bush is pretty far ahead," adds Dr. Salzman.

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