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Cold Spring mayor resigns suddenly, former mayor to take over

Nancy Bay (PHOTO: Nancy Bay (PHOTO:
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The city of Cold Spring accepted the resignation of Mayor Nancy Bay Tuesday afternoon.

The resignation added to a list of vacant Cold Spring positions including a city manager, city administrative officer, city attorney and police chief. 

"There is some urgency when the mayor resigned that someone has to give the city direction,” said Lou Gerding, a Cold Spring council member.

Without that direction, the city of Cold Spring is fighting some serious battles including being months behind on storm water issues, and having to plan a budget that's far from finished and due in June.

"We have to keep the city moving. We've got to meet payroll. We've got to pay our bills. We've got plenty of money in the bank, but if we don't have somebody here to sign the checks, we have to move on right away,” Gerding said.

Former mayor Nancy Bay turned in her resignation, and about 24 hours later council members accepted it. Shortly after that, Bay's replacement was found.

"It's over. I'm here. I've got a great council. I've got a great administration, and my job is to talk to the residents. That's what I have to do right now,” said Mark Stoeber, interim mayor of Cold Spring.

Stoeber last served as mayor of Cold Spring in late 2014 until Bay took office, after he spent 12 years as mayor.

"The residents need to have the confidence that one, their safe, and two, they turn over to us $3.5 million a year. I don't think anybody wants to turn that over and feel that it's just going willy-nilly everywhere,” said Stoeber.

The fired police chief, Ed Burk, was hired by Stoeber. He's looking for a replacement immediately.

Stoeber holds the role as mayor until the next general election.

"The way I look at it is it's not is it a matter of ‘if' the city will recover from this. It's just a matter of ‘when,'” Stoeber told FOX19 NOW.

At Wednesday's meeting, council members also appointed an interim city attorney.

Bay was elected in 2014 with 57% of the vote. Within months, Bay fired Cold Spring Police Chief Ed Burk as well as the attorney for the city and the city administrator.

Bay appointed Cameron Blau as the new attorney for the city. Blau then resigned on Friday.

Bay's resignation leaves Cold Spring City Council with 30 days to appoint her replacement. If that does not happen, Kentucky's governor will appoint a replacement.

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