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'Oxygen Can' new energy drink replacement?

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If you're feeling a little tired, forget reaching for that energy drink. A new trend promises a burst of energy in a bottle, a bottle of oxygen!

Advocates of canned oxygen said it can quickly ease headaches, jet lag or even a bad hangover. Some doctors said there are no known negative side effects, they're not convinced the "breath of fresh air" is that effective.

Jeffrey Portis, a skier, said a can of oxygen helps alleviate the altitude sickness.

"You no longer have the headache. You feel like you have a little bit more energy than maybe you did before," said Portis.

So what exactly is in a can of oxygen?

"Ambient air, which we breathe every day, is 21 percent oxygen. Our oxygen is 95 percent, so it's enriched air," said Christine Warren, a representative of Oxygen Plus Inc.

'Oxygen Plus,' 'Boost Oxygen,' 'Oxygen 4 Energy' and '0-2 Naked Air' are a few of the companies selling canned oxygen online, in specialty stores and spas. Even major retailers, like Target and Walmart, are selling selling the cans. They're increasingly popular with athletes, just spray them into your mouth or nose while you inhale.

"You have increased energy and you feel better. Oxygen is the next bottled water," said Warren.

Some come in flavors like peppermint or pink grapefruit. They're promoted for recreational use only to ease headaches, altitude sickness and jetlag, reboot after aerobic exercise and some claim can even counteract a bad hangover.

Makers of canned "O-2" say the benefit is similar to a gulp of water when feeling dehydrated.

"The evidence is fairly weak. Even if the effect is had, it tends to be short-lived because there's not very much oxygen in these containers," said Dr. Mark Green with the National Headache Foundation.

You don't need a prescription to canned oxygen and the F-D-A currently does not regulate them.

"They shouldn't be considered to be a mainstream treatment for medical conditions,' said Dr. Green

The canisters are highly flammable and the cans are not allowed on planes. Beyond that, experts said there are no negative side effects when used as directed by healthy people.

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