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Pink shuts down body critics: "I feel beautiful"

(Twitter/@Pink) (Twitter/@Pink)

When the internet bombarded Pink with mean comments about her appearance, she fired back with a straightforward response that's gone viral.

"My healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off."

That's only a portion of what the singer had to say to social media users who called her fat, ugly and other cruel comments. The remarks came after Pink wore a fabulous black gown to a cancer research benefit over the weekend.

Pink has never been one to care about others, and her positively frank response was retweeted more than 9,000 times.

“While I admit my dress didn't photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty. In fact, I feel beautiful,” she wrote. “So, my good and concerned peoples, please don't worry about me. I'm not worried about me. And I'm not worried about you either.”

The note was signed ‘Love, Cheesecake.'

She continued shutting down the shamers with photos of her husband and daughter, saying they both love her figure no matter what.

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