Tornado Tips

As the saying goes, spring showers bring May flowers... and tornadoes?

Yes, it's that time of year again when thunderstorms are just as common an occurrence as budding begonias. All thunderstorms produce lightning, many hatch hail, and some whip winds strong enough to make you feel like Dorothy Gayle from Kansas.

We may not live in the Jayhawker State, but Greater Cincinnati has its fair share of tornadoes. To help you be prepared In the event of one, we've compiled these potentially life saving tips. After all, severe weather can strike at any time... even while tending to tulips or budding begonias. If you're:

In a Home
* Take shelter in a bathroom or closer near the middle of the lowest floor. Cover your head with a coat or blanket.

In an Apartment
* Go to an interior closet or laundry room on the lowest floor and cover your head. Do not use elevators

In a Mobile Home
* Evacuate! Head for a tornado shelter immediately. If caught outside, lie flat in a ditch and cover your head

At School
* Follow your tornado drill. You may take shelter in a hallway, away from windows, and cover your head. Avoid large rooms, like the gymnasium.

At Work
* Follow your office disaster plan. Go to the lowest floor, take shelter in a small interior room and cover your head. Do not use elevators.

In a Car
* Never try to outrun a tornado! Leave your vehicle, lie flat in a ditch, and cover your head. Never seek shelter under an overpass.

For more in-depth coverage on tornadoes, be sure to watch "Surviving the Storm", our week long FirstWeather special reports starting April 9.