Full Honors for Lawrenceburg Police Detective

A Lawrenceburg police officer was laid to rest Monday, with full honors. Detective Thomas Cochran died January 26 after crashing his police cruiser. He was rushing to help a fellow officer when his car slid on some ice and hit a retaining wall.

A funeral service was held inside Lawrenceburg High School. Hundreds of law enforcement officers joined his small community to say good-bye. They remembered the detective as courageous, compassionate, and relentless in his pursuit of justice.

Detective Cochran was a police officer for 33 years. He joined the Lawrenceburg Police Department in May 1995.

Cochran's most recent partner believes his friend and mentor will always be by his side. Detective Jeremy Shepherd tells Fox 19, "I feel that I can still ask and he'll still show me which way to go. Any call. If I have a question I can just look up and I'm sure he's gonna give me the right answer."

Detective Cochran leaves behind a wife and five children, ages 13 to 36.
Memorial contributions can be sent to: The Cochran Chilren Trust Fund, United Community Bank, 92 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025.