Collins/Allen Lawsuit Settled

It looks like the sex scandal in the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office has come to a partial agreement. Rebecca Collins' attorney announced Monday that she's accepted an offer of judgement from Mike Allen.

The former Hamilton County Prosecutor will pay $45,000 plus attorney fees to his former assistant. The offer of judgment has the same legal effects as if a jury were to find a verdict in favor of Rebecca Collins.

Collins was suing Allen for sexual harassment.

Collins' attorneys say they hope the judgement sheds light on sexual harassment in the workplace. While Allen's lawyers say making the offer was in the best interest of his family and taxpayers. But they say the settlement should not be construed as an admission that Allen is liable or that Collins suffered any damage.

Collins' suit against Hamilton County continues. In it, she claims the county breached its own policy by not doing anything after she filed a complaint against Allen. County Commissioner Todd Portune says the county is not going to voluntarily or willingly spend a dime on that case.