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Think Pink: Sisters Staying Alive


Moved to action after the death of a good friend, Debbie Greenlee has spent the last decade growing Sisters Staying Alive, a cancer education advocacy group.

"When I learned it was breast cancer, I was very sad," said Greenlee. "This lady had children that were going to grow up without a mother and for some reason I just couldn't stop thinking about her."

That loss moved Greenlee to bury herself breast cancer research and what she found was devastating.

"We learned that African American women were most likely to lose their lives because of a diagnosis at Stage 4 and so with that we thought we needed to come together and share the information, that we don't need to die."

Debbie took that message to her church family. "Some were ready for it because they had already gone through their own cancer scares. Some were a little hesitant," she says. "You just keep telling the message. I believe until it actually happens to you sometimes we don't hear things, but once we hear it's been diagnosed in you, then your ears perk up. That's what Sisters Staying Alive is all about."

Sisters Staying Alive is now in its 11th year and Greenlee's persistence has led to progress.

Each October the advocacy group holds a big event featuring breast cancer survivors and doctors.

For those who can't make it, Debbie says "don't be afraid. Knowledge is powerful. We do recognize and understand that knowledge can be scary, but early detection, that's my motto, is a lifesaver."

If you would like to get involved with Sisters Staying Alive send an email to

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