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How to Receive HDTV

More and more homes are adding high definition televisions to their households.  But not all HDTV is created equal.  There are both HDTV sets with a built in tuner and HD-capable sets which means you can see HDTV quality pictures but you need a HD or DTV tuner to receive the signal.  Many cable and satellite systems offer digital tuners as part of their package.  It's important to know how your set is equipped.  Your instruction manual should answer most of your questions.  You can also log onto the website for your HDTV manufacturer. 

Here's a few quick tips for receiving HDTV:

To receive HDTV in your home, you will need either an HD television with a built-in tuner to receive off-air broadcasts (where available), or an HD monitor with an appropriate set-top box for off-air, satellite or cable reception. Many people also connect their DVD players and VCR’s to their HD set, as the resulting picture quality improvement can be substantial.
For off-air reception an antenna is required, either a simple indoor one if your home is near to the broadcasting station, or an outdoor one, if you live further away.

To view FOX19 HD, tune to channel 19-1 (or channel 29 on some sets). 

Below is a handy list of manufacturer's websites which might be of further assistance.






Samsung - Includes a full "Learn about HDTV Before you Buy" guide




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