Death Benefits

A one time payment of $12,000 dollars is how much the family of a fallen soldier receives within 72 hours of his/her death, it's called a "death gratuity." During President Bush's State of the Union adddress, he will propose growing that amount to $100,000.

Veterans at the VA Medical Center in Fort Thomas Kentucky say what took the government so long. " I think  after 911 people started to think about Vets in a different way," says Roger Williams a Vietnam Vet.

According to James Miller Senior who's son James Junior died in Iraq this past Sunday, " we owe these people a huge debt of gratitude."

But increasing death benefits according to some veterans is a step in the right direction, for others, it's only a start.  Some would like to see added support for those injured by war. According to Mark Hilt, there are alot of programs out there, but there's it's never too much, " I don't think there's enough that can be done."