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Apps make grocery store shopping easier

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Technology has made grocery shopping a little bit easier. All you need is your smart phone.

There are now apps that let you organize your list and find the best deals all while making cutting your time at the grocery store down.

Allison Barnes juggles her own business and a family.When it comes to grocery shopping, she needs it to be fast, easy and economical.

"Grocery shopping is less of a pain," Barnes said.

Barnes enters her entire shopping list into the "Grocery I-Q" app, and she can also digitally "zap" it to her husband. The app organizes the list by store aisle, so items are easier to find-and it saves her list for future trips.

"I don't have to sit down with pen and paper at the beginning of the week and write down even the things we use all the time," Barns said.

If your goal is convenience, "Grocery gadget" lets you take and send pictures of items so your spouse doesn't buy the wrong thing. If your goal is saving money there are apps that let you upload receipts and get rebates like Ibotta and ReceiptHog. There are also apps that do "math" and comparison shopping for you, like "Apples 2 Oranges."

Other apps like "Food Planner" let you download recipes and ingredients are added to your shopping list.

"A lot of this is being driven by the millennial generation. They're becoming householders and taking charge, but they're also influencing their parents," according to Nancy Childs, PhD, Professor of Food Marketing.

Childs published a study about retail grocery store apps.

Digital shoppers she surveyed say they use apps because of convenience, economics and personalization, but some complained some apps had slow response times in the store. Other shoppers had concerns over being hit up to take surveys and privacy.

"This privacy issue is not new. As they would say the horse left the barn. We're accustomed to sharing information to receive convenience, to receive access maybe to some economic discounts," Childs said.

Childs says she's not concerned about her privacy and the apps helped her save about $100 last year.

"That's a big deal to me it really helps and it's not a lot of effort on my part."

Other apps, like "Insta Cart," allow you to do your shopping right on your phone, select the items you want and have them delivered with a touch of a button.

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