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Reality Check: Hillary Clinton didn't tip--neither do most of us

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Last week, FOX19 Now told you about a surprise visit Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton made at an Ohio Chipotle. A manager at that fast food restaurant made headlines afterwards by shaming Clinton whom he says didn't bother to leave anything in the tip jar.

On one hand Clinton's net worth, along with her husband's, is estimated to be in excess of $50 million. Then again, is it really fair to call out Hillary Clinton when most of us don't bother tipping fast food workers?

According to a recent survey, when compared to 50 other types of workers who receive tips, fast food workers make just $0.40 per hour ranking dead last. That's lower than tattoo artists, baristas and dog groomers. Compare that to traditional waiters and waitress who rank 2nd. Unable to rely on tips to supplement their incomes, fast food workers all over the country including in Ohio, held rallies demanding a raise in salary.

The average fast food worker makes a little more than $9 per hour. With such modest wages it's little wonder that right now 52-percent of families with a front-line fast food worker are enrolled in public assistance programs costing close to $7 billion a year; taxpayers providing their much-needed supplemental income.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's a staunch supporter of raising the minimum wage; an issue she's likely to debate with the other presidential candidates. Meanwhile, it's business as usual at Chipotle which posted revenues totaling more than $1 billion last year, their CEO raking in more than $25 million.

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