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Forest Hills school superintendent accused of intervening with student test results

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A conflict of interest that goes all the way to the top.

Dallas Jackson, the superintendent of the Forest Hills school district, is accused of tossing out test results taken by Turpin High School students including his own son. 

The accusations are contained in a letter signed by Turpin High School teachers and sent to Forest Hills school board members.

The letter to the school board says teachers at Turpin High School are frustrated about what happened with the results of an exam taken by students earlier this year. The letter goes on to say that superintendent Jackson threw out the results of the exam because so many students did poorly on it including his own son.  
Jim Frooman is a Forest Hills school board member who says that's just one of the allegations in the letter he finds troubling. 

“What bothered me about the letter is that it provided another account of what we've heard, something inconsistent with some of the other reports we received some of which I knew factually was not true,” Frooman said.

Frooman says the letter is having a negative impact on the entire school district. 

“This isn't healthy for the district. It's not healthy for the community to be feeding on, what at this point, is nothing more than speculation. It's particularly unfair to Dr. Jackson," Frooman said.

Frooman describes the letter as inflammatory and says that's why a private investigator has been hired to get to the truth. 

“It was troublesome to me and it remains troublesome to me that the media has put this letter out there and that the community is accepting everything as factually accurate when we have yet to receive the independent objective investigation,” Frooman said.

FOX19 NOW reached out to the school district and other school board members, but they have declined comment until the investigation is complete. 
The investigator's report will be presented to the Forest Hills school board during their regular monthly meeting Monday evening and the board will decide at that time what action, if any, should be taken. 

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