Armed Robber Caught on Tape

Cincinnati Police have released graphic security camera video of Friday's store robbery and shooting in Price Hill. They're hoping someone is able to identify the masked gunman.

The video shows a man wearing a ski mask cut off just above the eyes, walking into Lifta's Market just after 10 Friday night. After eleven seconds of asking the worker where the money is, the man shoots him with a shotgun.

"This is a very vicious crime and we consider him a very dangerous individual," Captain Andrew Raabe of the Cincinnati Police says.

The video goes on to show the man trying unsuccessfully to break into the cash register, then searching the worker's pockets. Seconds later he leaves the store and the bleeding worker, police believe, without getting any money.

Amazingly the worker, Zeyad Alnajar, should recover after being shot in the hand and chest. His wife tells Fox 19 he could come home from the hospital at any time.

Police are asking you to look at the security camera video, or the picture Fox 19 has enhanced. Most of the man's face is covered up, but police say if you look closely at his hairline, hair, and forehead you may be able to identify him.

"To you or I or somebody who doesn't know this individual at all," Captain Raabe says, "it may not seem distinguishing. But if you see somebody you know very well and they're wearing just a partial mask or hat or something-a lot of times, if you know the individual, you'll be able to pick him out."

If you can pick him out, call CrimeStoppers at (513) 352-3040.