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Another Side of Rob Dibble

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Tricia: Some of the stuff that you have done on and off the field, you know surrounding baseball, why were you the nasty guy? The rebellion
guy, the rebellious one, the hot head.
D: It's funny both of my parents are deacons, very spiritual, I did it because I could. I was blessed God gave me a good right arm I could
throw 100 miles per hour and not everyone wants to take a beating and I'll tell you a lot of those brawls I took a hell of a beating. You know the fight in 89 with Tim Teufel I hyperextended my elbow and went on the disabled list. There was always  going to
be an aftermath and I knew that, but you don't mess with our teammates. I love my teammates they are family. Eric Davis, Barry Larken, Paul O'Neal when guys would be throwing at them, myself and Randi you aren't going to throw at our guys. You know because
the big red machine they are bada**** and it was our time to represent Cincinnati.

T: you kicking that leg up, you being an outstanding athlete, you can still do that?
D: Absolutely, 51 I still do yoga. Every day I still get up and stretch out and stuff like that. My wife is 8 years younger and when she
does yoga I would, when I was out in LA it was a lot of time because there were a lot of celebrities out there. You know to stay in shape that keeps me. I have a 4 year old daughter that just wears me out, you know if I wasn't in shape I would be in trouble.
T: I think it is funny that a nasty boy is a yoga master.
D: Oh yeah, I wouldn't say a master. I sit in the back of class and hope no one looks at me. One thing you talk about off the field. I
was 19 in the minor leagues and I failed a sobriety test, but I wasn't drunk, I wasn't even half the legal limit in Connecticut I was so uncoordinated that I failed the sobriety test.
T: what would you be like if you were a major league athlete right now? Doing what you were doing there? Would it be good or bad with
twitter, facebook, and photos?
D: I think I would have the reputation of ComicCon two and I think I would have gotten in a lot of trouble. I was in a lot of fights,
a lot of bar fights. A lot of people would pick fights with me?
T: Tell me who you are outside of baseball?
D: Outside of baseball I am a dad first, my daughter loves daddy. I try to do as many charitable things as I can, Make A Wish, motorcycle
rides, things for people that can't do what we have done in our lives. Every day is a blessing, wake me up 51 is a blessing.
T: How did you meet your wife?
D: When I was working at ESPN she is a fifth grade school teacher and I use to read to classes and stuff like that, but I was going through
a divorce and I went and read to her class and her maiden name is Ms. Nosarah and they were like Ms. Nosarah you should marry him she later told me that every guy that came into her class all of her kids said the same thing but when she told me she was like
oh my gosh you can read at a fifth grade level, let's go out.
T: How many years ago?
D: We have been married for 9 years.
T: That's great. Tell me about your kids.
D: Well one is older she is 26 and married and she went to school and became a school teacher and then my other son is finishing up his
last year of ROTC at Norwich University in Vermont and he is 22. Then I have my 4 year old daughter and right now she makes me what to wake up and be better every day.
T: Happy with your life?
D: Love my life.

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