Drinking Bus Driver

Student calls police to report school bus driver who had been drinking

A North Carolina high schooler calling 911 on his cell phone is credited with reporting a school bus driver who had allegedly been drinking. Police in Charlotte were able to track down the bus yesterday as the 16-year-old student described the roads they were traveling during a 38-minute call. According to the 911 tape, the unidentified boy says,"I'm on a school bus and our bus driver has fallen asleep and he is driving." The caller said the bus was swerving and running over speed bumps. When police found the bus, the driver, 23-year old Vernon Wallace, was charged with driving with alcohol in his system. They say his blood-alcohol level was below a normal drunk-driving standard, but in North Carolina, no alcohol is allowed for people operating school buses. Another driver was sent to get the students to school. The boy says he tried to hand the cell phone to the driver but was told he was too busy trying to concentrate.