That's Soooo Cincinnati

The flying pigs, Playhouse in the park, the Reds, Findlay Market, And the Krohn Conservatory....

What do they have in common?

Besides being things unique to the Queen City, they are among the places out of towners are most often told to visit. One of many things FOX19 considers "Soooo Cincinnati..."

Good old Cincinnatus, he's the guy that started it all. Did you know our town is named after him? Well, there's a lot more interesting stuff that FOX19 is going to tell you about Cincinnati and that's something we call, "Soooo Cincinnati."

During the Tsunami relief effort, people from all over Cincinnati opened their hearts and their wallets. No surprise really, given the track record of the way people around here respond when needed.

FOX19's Dan Carroll is highlighting some of those things in something we're calling "Soooo Cincinnati." 

Like there's a snowstorm coming and everybody is panicking, that's "Soooo Cincinnati"

On television we only have a minute or so, or maybe sometimes just a few seconds, to talk about all the different things that are "Soooo Cincinnati ."  However, City Beat magazine writes entire columns on the subject, with the idea being that people who live in Cincinnati, whether they're from here or from some place else, never get tired of hearing or learning about their town.

"To me what it means is that Cincinnati is maybe, if we can all agree to this, is that Cincinnati is more interesting than sometimes we think it is," FOX19's Dan Carroll.

For instance, food makes us interesting and special. Where else but Cincinnati can you get the Maisonette, La Rosa's, and Skyline? But the single item you may only be able to get here...(as far as we know) Goetta.

Why Cincinnati? Dan Carroll trys to answer that question.

Bob Lillis makes some of the best goetta in Cincinnati. He's a 5th generation owner of the business that's been in the family 150 years. Ingredients: pork shoulder, pinhead oats, onion and some spices....that are after all....a family secret.

"We kind of bake our goetta, a lot of people boil it. We use this method because we think it cooks up a little nicer," said Lillis.

"It is about a 4 hour process it and making sure every 15 or 20 minutes it is stirred real well. Then we chill it down overnight, then we cut it into squares and sell it for retail,"

Lunchtime at Price Hill Chili you may be hard pressed to find a place serving more goetta than this well known West Side establishment. Chef Eric Davenport has been working the grill 10 years, and his goetta omelets ..they go fast. Davenport says, "we'll probably sell 40 a day if not more."

To much of America, Cincinnati may seem an ordinary midwestern place. Sure we have our share of problems, but we also know we have lots of things to savor and share....that in the end...are "Soooo Cincinnati."

So what do you think is something that is "Sooo Cincinnati ?"  FOX19 and Dan Carroll would like to hear from you on the subject. Click here to e-mail us!