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Investigation results released in accusations that superintendent intervened with test scores

Dallas Jackson (PHOTO: Forest Hill's School District) Dallas Jackson (PHOTO: Forest Hill's School District)

The Forest Hills Board of Education received a third-party investigator's report Monday night on the allegations that Dallas Jackson, the school district's superintendent, attempted to throw out test results taken by Turpin High School students, including his own son's.

The accusations are contained in a letter signed by Turpin High School teachers and sent to Forest Hills school board members. The letter goes on to say that superintendent Jackson threw out the results of the exam because so many students did poorly on it including his own son

According to a third-party investigator David P. Kamp, Jackson's son and 44-percent of the pre-calculus honors class failed a mid-term exam administered on Dec. 17 and 18, 2014.

On Jan. 22, 2015, Jackson requested a copy of the Marks Analysis, an internal document listing of the courses taught at each high school and the distribution of grades for both the semester and mid-term exam. The next day, Jackson met with the Turpin High School pricipal, Peggy Johnson, and showed her the Marks Analysis and said the failure rate was due to either "a bad test or bad teaching.' Documents show that later that evening Jackson sent a text message to Johnson explaining he did not like the way the principal was handling the pre-calculus examination issue.

Johnson approached the two pre-calculus teachers about averaging out the exam but the two teachers denied.

That is when Jackson turned to Tammy Carnahan, the HR Director. Jackson asked Carnahan to consult with the attorney for the School District about his advice about exam grades.

Kamp said in his summary of the incident that the teachers and the Turpin High School Principal agreed on a plan to mitigate the exam scores by providing each student with an opportunity to earn additional points toward either the mid-term exam or the final exam.

Carnahan explained to Johnson that the plan was still unacceptable to Jackson, but the plan was implemented and the exam grades were not changed.

"The Board has reviewed Mr. Kamp's report and has had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the findings contained in the report with Mr. Kamp," School Board President, Randy Smith. "The Board has met with Superintendent Dr. Jackson in executive session and is taking appropriate action."

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