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Governor to implement task force ideas for Ohio police standards

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is taking recommendations from the Ohio Task Force on Community and Police Relations, and putting them into motion.
According to a release from his office on Wednesday, the recommendations will create, “a new, permanent standards-writing body that will issue policies for how Ohio's law enforcement agencies can make concrete improvements in key, controversial areas and begin strengthening the bonds between police and the communities they serve.”
The standards will be developed by the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board.  The group is made up of 12 people that the Governor created on Wednesday through an executive order.  It will be made up of police and community members.
"The governor put this together because he wants to make sure the people and the police of Ohio are safe,” said Cincinnati City Councilmember
Amy Murray.  Murray was one of the members on the governor's task force that came up with the recommendations.
That task force was built in December 2014 on the heels of officer-involved deaths in Beavercreek and Cleveland, contributing to the deaths
of John Crawford, III and Tamir Rice, respectively.
"What he asked us to do is to look and see what's the cause of the issues we're having in some communities where there's police-community
issues,” Murray said.
The report is more than 600 pages, and outlines seven areas to improve on those issues in communities.  Those seven recommendations, as
published in the study, are:
Accountability and oversight:
Action must be taken to ensure that agencies and officers will be held accountable by the communities they serve.
Community education:
Create methods to establish the public's understanding of police policies and procedures and recognition of exceptional service in an effort to foster support for the police. Police officers and community members must become proactive partners in community problem solving.
Community involvement:
There must be ongoing efforts by law enforcement and the community to build trust and strengthen relationships.
Grand jury process:
The grand jury process shall be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, or appropriate governmental authority, as it applies to the use of force.
Recruiting and hiring:
The State of Ohio shall require all law enforcement agencies to adopt, at a minimum, hiring policies. The State will develop a model policy on hiring to be used by law enforcement agencies.
The State of Ohio shall require all law enforcement agencies to adopt, at a minimum, policies including, but not limited to, the use of deadly force, with the goal of enhancing the protection of all lives. The State will develop a model policy to be used by law enforcement agencies.
In order to allow officers to do their jobs safely and effectively, and to protect the public, the
State of Ohio shall require a greater emphasis on, and investment in, training.
Kasich's office said on Wednesday the first steps of implementation of the recommendations will be “creating standards governing the use of deadly force and hiring and recruiting to ensure high-quality, diverse and professional law enforcement personnel.”
"He really said, 'we need to find out what we can put together statewide to try and prevent any issues similar to what's happening in Baltimore right now,” Murray told FOX19 NOW.
The 12-person panel designated to implement the recommendations will continue to take public feedback, and will file an annual report on their work, as well as the compliance of local law enforcement agencies.

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