Norwood Couple Battles New Business

A Norwood couple is leaving their home, after three years of legal battles. Neighbors are soon to follow, but they're glad to be moving.

Developer Jeffrey Anderson bought Carl and Joy Gamble's home for $280,000. Anderson is also buying 69 other properties in the neighborhood to make way for the Rookwood Exchange - a multi-purpose project to include a hotel, office space, and retail shops.

On Atlantic Avenue, where the Gambles live, signs are posted in front of nearly every house, supporting the development. Most of the people who live on the block are happy to sell their homes and leave the noisy street, but the Gambles are fighting a court ruling that says they have to go. While they wait for that appeal, the Gambles are moving in with their daughter.  

An attorney for Anderson says sales on all of the properties should be final by the end of February.